Know the person behind its function

People are individuals and want to be addressed and treated as such. We support you in finding out what moves your target groups, what they think, feel and how they will act.

Target group definitions are the basis for persona analyses and initiatives in content marketing. We work with qualitative and quantitative methods to generate the content of clear profiles and behavior patterns.

As archetypal users, personas represent the goals and needs of the target group and make it possible to make informed business decisions such as customer-oriented products and services or marketing concepts right from the start. We have many years of experience in developing personas and support our clients in using the data for sales, development and content marketing.

Measuring customer satisfaction is based on identifying and analyzing the company's most important touchpoints with customers. Only a 360° view of all interfaces provides a comprehensive external picture of the company's performance. In specially developed systems, we identify areas where action is needed and provide data in time and competitive comparison.

Employees are the most important image ambassadors of a company. In close cooperation with human resources, we conduct anonymous surveys of employees to determine the internal image and identify potential areas for action.

We have taken the systematics of customer satisfaction analyses as a basis and developed a method for citizen surveys. We conduct citizen surveys for municipalities of different sizes with the aim of identifying the strengths and weaknesses of a municipality and deriving needs for action. The citizen survey also serves to identify suggestions and recommendations for the further development and shaping of the municipality and is a suitable means of intensifying the constructive dialog between citizens, administration and politics.

A company's trade fair presence is often very costly, but it also represents an extremely important platform for presenting itself and making direct contact with customers. With trade fair pre-surveys, mistakes can be avoided in advance and budgets can be used wisely. Surveys of stand visitors during the trade show serve not only to assess the trade show presence but also to determine the services provided by stand personnel.

In our research field of mystery shopping, we offer customized concepts for measuring service and consulting quality at the customer touch point. Our projects are largely standardized and characterized by proven procedures.

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