Our most important methods in automotive research

Display and operating concepts are playing an increasingly important role in the development of innovative vehicles. The effect and benefit for the driver are of central importance. The following questions arise from this:

What is the respective usage behavior of different target groups?

What expectations does the driver or even the passengers have of the system?

Welchen Einfluss hat das System auf das Fahrverhalten? Ist das System jederzeit beherrschbar?

Welche Risiken bestehen?

Wie intuitiv lässt sich das System bedienen?


With our usability experts, we examine display and operating systems with regard to possible limitations of a user-centered and legally compliant design. With detailed results and recommendations for action, we ensure that the system can be designed efficiently, effectively and satisfactorily.


In numerous national and international studies, we have already examined central control elements of premium vehicles and tested their usability. This has enabled us to gain valuable information for the design of the human-vehicle interface and to provide targeted support for concept and series development.


The main methods used in usability and user experience studies are static and dynamic studies with the test vehicle, online studies, focus groups, co-creation workshops, design thinking workshops.

Benchmarking studies for production vehicles shortly after SOP are a central core competence of our company. Interior and exterior design, functionality, ease of use as well as driving dynamic characteristics are assessed in a competitive comparison. At the same time, the importance of each criterion is determined and a two-dimensional matrix with action requirements is created. In addition, a strengths and weaknesses profile is created for each vehicle from the end customer's perspective. All results can be specified more precisely in the dashboard with time and country comparisons.

  • Ethnography
  • Thinking aloud
  • Diary
  • Assessment and improvement of innovations
  • Finding new product ideas

We determine the acceptance and marketability of new products at an advanced stage of development within the framework of product clinics. Price readiness and acceptance play a very important role here.

Specific recommendations for action are determined for design, functionality or usability and presented in specially developed formats. Competitor comparisons often play an important role in enabling the product to be positioned.

Methodologically, many combinable methods are used, such as face-to-face interviews (PAPI, CAPI), focus groups, mini-groups or in-depth interviews.

We are competent and experienced in all questions concerning secrecy and IT security.

As part of product tests in the very early phase of development, we use various quantitative and qualitative methods to determine the acceptance of innovations on real or virtual test vehicles. In addition to design, functionality and ease of use, price willingness also plays an important role, which is determined using special conjoint models, among other things.

The planning and execution of driving tests has been a special competence in our company for many years. Based on the often very technical questions on the topics of driving dynamics, driving safety and driving comfort, we develop a survey concept that is understandable for end customers and the criteria can be evaluated and differentiated among each other.

Our test drives can take place both on a test site and on public roads. During the test drives, the test subjects are accompanied by interviewers and filmed if they give their consent.

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