Acceptance, price readiness and much more.

Leave nothing to chance when it comes to innovations and changes. With various tests and methods, COMAQ can tell you how likely an offer will be accepted or how potential customers will judge an innovation.

As part of product testing in the very early phase of development, we use different quantitative and qualitative methods to measure the acceptance of innovations in real or virtual test vehicles. In addition to design, functionality and ease of use, pricing also plays an important role. This is measured with special conjoint models.

We identify the acceptance and marketability of new products at an advanced stage of development with product clinics. Price readiness and acceptance play a very important role.

For design, functionality or usability, specific actionable items are identified and presented in specially developed workshops. Competitor comparisons often play an important role in enabling the product to be positioned in the market.

Methodically, many proven methods such as face-to-face interviews (PAPI, CAPI), focus groups, mini-groups or in-depth interviews are used.

We are competent and experienced in all matters relating to secrecy and IT security.

The planning and execution of driving tests has been a special competence of Comaq for many years. Based on the often very technical issues of driving dynamics, driving safety and driving comfort, we develop a survey concept that is very easy to follow and understand for end customers and that makes the individual criteria assessable and differentiable.

Our test drives can take place both at a private test area and on public roads. During the test drives, the subjects are accompanied by interviewers. Also video and audio recordings are part of the methodical setup.

Benchmarking studies for production vehicles shortly after SOP are a central core competence of our company. Here, interior and exterior design, functionality, ease of use and driving dynamics are assessed in a comparative setup with the main competitors. At the same time, the importance of each criteria is determined and a two-dimensional matrix created with actionable items. In addition, a strength and weakness profile is created for each vehicle from the end user’s point of view. All results are presented in dashboard design with time and country comparisons.

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