Do you know the person behind the position?

People are individuals and want to be addressed and treated as such. We help you identify what is driving your audiences, what they think, feel, and how they will act.

A solid determination of the target group is the basis for a buyer persona definition and initiatives in content marketing. We use qualitative and quantitative methods to generate the content of definite profiles and behavioral patterns.

As archetypal users, buyer personas represent the objectives and needs of the target group and make informed business decisions possible right from the start, such as customer-oriented products and services or marketing concepts. We have years of experience in developing personas and help our customers leverage data for sales, development and content marketing.

Measuring customer satisfaction is based on identifying and analyzing a company’s key touchpoints with its customers. Only a 360 ° view of all touchpoints provides a comprehensive external image of the company’s services. Specifically for these purposes COMAQ developed systems to identify needs for action and provide data for a year-on-year and competitive comparison.

Employees are the most important ambassadors of a company. In close cooperation with the human resources department, we conduct anonymous surveys in order to determine the internal image of the company with its employees and to identify possible needs for action.

We have taken our system of customer satisfaction surveys as the basis and developed a method for citizen surveys. We conduct citizen surveys for municipalities and government institutions of various sizes, with the aim of identifying the strengths and weaknesses of our customer and identify the highest needs for action. The citizens‘ survey also serves to identify suggestions and recommendations for the further development and organization of the community and is suitable to intensify the constructive dialogue between citizens, administration and politics.

Participating at a trade fair is often very costly for a company, but also represents an extremely important platform to present themselves and to get in direct contact with the customers. With pre-surveys well ahead of the event, errors can be avoided in advance and budgets can be used sustainably. Interviews with the visitors at the booth during the trade fair not only serve to assess the trade fair appearance but also to determine the services of the personnel on site.

With our Mystery Shopping research, we offer tailor-made concepts for measuring service quality at the POS. Our projects use standardized methods and characterized by proven procedures.

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